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Vitamin Nutritional Facts

Vitamin A

Plays an influential part to keeping your body healthy, supporting your skin, lungs, kidneys, heart and contributes towards a healthy brain function.

Vitamin B

B-Complex vitamins have many important health benefits for your body ranging from reducing symptoms of depression, relieving stress and boosting cognitive performance.

Vitamin C

An essential vitamin because the body can’t produce it naturally. It’s also linked to an impressive list of health benefits such as reducing blood pressure and boosting antioxidant levels.

Vitamin D

The sunshine vitamin produced by the body as the result of being exposed to the sun. It can also support healthy teeth and bones.

Vitamin E

A vitamin that can be found in many anti-aging skin care products. Although not suitable for everyone it is suggested the vitamin hosts many health benefits, including lowering the risk of cancer.

Vitamin K

A vitamin associated with fat-soluble vitamins supporting bone metabolism and blood clotting. It’s an important vitamin to assist in producing a clotting factor and protein called prothrombin.

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